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Ferne Edwards, Sustainable Cities Round Table on Sustainable Sharing, 26th February 2009

Posted in SCRT Videos, Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Virginia on March 24th, 2009

Ferne Edwards, the host and organiser of the Sustainable Cities Round Tables, VEIL, introduces the concept of sharing, from shared spaces, to shared commodities demonstrating new ways to attain sustainability. This Sustainable Cities Round Table was the 10th event and the first for 2009. Including all the speakers we have now had a total of 99 speakers! All of these can be viewed online at  Speakers were chosen to represent three different kinds of sharing – shared spaces (public lighting by Ironbark Sustainability, co-houses); shared products and materials (The Clothing Exchange, Green Hanger, Grow Local, Herd Share); and shared services (Permblitz, Solar Yarra Program). These examples are innovative, funky and fun models that could be replicated elsewhere. The evening also represented a mix of sharing with new technologies, and old forms of sharing that have been retrofitted somewhat to suit present day needs. And of course, sustainable sharing relates to our approaches to consumption – reducing our footprint by consuming less and sharing and living more.

The Sustainable Cities Round Tables are structured as follows: each presentation is for just 3 minutes – kept to time by the egg timer on its throne here + by the sensational percussionist, Miss Arwen Johnston (missarwen@, whos playing the vibrophone. Arwen will start to play gently when speakers go over time to gradually increase in volume – just like at the Oscars! At the end of the presentations well ask you to comment on some of the ideas emerging from the talks + from the exhibition that were sitting amongst.

The ECO-CITY Melbourne exhibition is part of this event tonight – its a future vision of what a sustainable city could look like and both Sustainable Melbourne and the ECO-CITY Melbourne exhibition are part of the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab project which pulls together this trajectory of what works now sustainably and what could work sustainably in the future.

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