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“5 priorities in transport/mobility for a healthier Melbourne” workshop responses

Posted in Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on November 25th, 2008

At the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table on Healthy Cities we asked the audience to name five priorities in transport / mobility that would make Melbourne a healthier and more sustainable city. Many people listed “Bike lockers, bike racks and more parking areas at suburban train stations”, “Dedicated spots for bikes on trains / buses”, and “priorising pedestrians” as their top points. Other more unusual responses included “frequent riders (like frequent flyers) to earn points” or “Rewards for people who cycle eg. A reduced cost for health insurance” or even “Teleportation – something to ponder”! The complete list of the responses are below.

Audience responses

Bike lockers, bike racks and more parking areas at suburban train stations.
Dedicated places for bikes on trains / buses
Proper bike routes
Rewarding walker / cyclists
Buses being run on renewable energy
More incentives for car pooling
Multi-modal transport modes
Free or cheap bike hire like in Paris or Copenhagen
Shielded bike lanes (car free bike lanes)
Low cost or free PT
Congestion charges
More bike racks everywhere
Dedicated spots for bikes on trains / buses
Rewards for cyclists eg. Reduced health costs (?)
Free bikes for those who give up their designated car spots
Integrated network of paths for pedestrians and cyclists
High quality, separate off-road bike lanes that are safe enough for everyone to ride on (EVERYWHERE!)
Bicycle accessibility – lanes, space for accompanying cycles on Public Transport
Reclaim built environment areas for use as parks and gardens
Pedestrian streets and activity centres
Facilities for cyclists provided by public and private infrastructure
Public bike hire system for the CBD as demonstrated in European cities
Set up ALL public transport to be accessible for ALL members of public ie. mobility-impaired people (wheelchairs etc.) including all taxis to be fully accessible
London-style ‘Congestion Charging for CBD, increased parking fees in CBD
Abolish car-related Fringe Benefits Tax
Get RACV involved to approve 30km/hr
Car-free city
More (?) bypass
Bike racks on busses and trams
Bike sharing at metro stations
Review of car park (?) PT underground system
Cycling / walk priority at traffic lights
Cycling routes – connected in all directions 10km out from city
(?) tickets to excess, not salary packaged cars
reduce speed limits to 30km/hr
car free CBD
take money from (?) – divert all to bike system
bike racks on trams
remove FBT – ie. tax breaks for company cars
car share
moratorium on freeway building – spend $ on walking, cycling, public transport, include pedestrian prioritisation
goal of 90% of trips to school by active transport
urban design for walkability – including cycling networks
new trains needed (must be able to carry bikes (?))
possibility of hiring bicycle in the city for a day
Lynne Coskey Health Minister 5 point transport plan
2 lane roads converted to 1 bike lane
integrate car sharing info into public transport
blitz on cars and bike rules
ban all car advertising
compulsory cycle training for all drivers (similar to motorcycle training for L plates)
closed urban streets – regenerated green / trees
free / very low cost bicycles in Melbourne located near stations, such as in Paris
reduction to 30km/hr in speed limit in residential/ pedestrian streets
increased exhaust treatment for diesel trucks and buses
increase bike paths
car free city centre
free city transport (inner city)
car sharing (eg. Flexicar)
frequent riders (like frequent flyers) to earn points
linking of services (increase bus services)
community car sharing and development of (?) parking
moratorium on freeway building and invest instead in active and public transport
prioritisation on investing to get 90% walking and cycling for children
planning/ urban design for walkability
more trains and more for bike carrage
more ‘green buses in outer Melbourne
de-prioritise cars eg. More pedestrian crossings and longer pedestrian crossings times and more frequent crossing times
hooks for bicycles in train carriages and bike sheds
secure storage at all train stations
more mixed use zones to allow more integration with housing and services
better connectivity between houses – services for walking / cycling
more bike lanes – ‘Copenhagen lanes and more accessible bike lanes
reclaiming built environment
day a week without cars
remove cars from Melbourne
pedestrianise all of CBD
bike hire
Dear Lynne, We recommend: more bike tracks, footpaths that connect to important destinations
Full pedestrianisation of Swanston Street
Re-educate drivers to prioritise for cyclists and pedestrians
Reallocate car road space to low carbon modes
Dedicated spots for bikes on trains/ buses
Electric buses
Active car pooling
Multi-modal transport nodes
Bike paths for functional nodes / eg. Route to route purposes other than recreational
Rewards for people who cycle eg. A reduced cost for health insurance
Free bikes for people who give up other designated carparks at work or at home
Car free centre
Bike paths improvements
Bike racks on buses/ trains
Continuity of cycle paths
More clearways for trams
Public / low carbon
Private / limited
Bike / access
Pedestrian / priority
Teleportation / something to ponder (!)
Abolish zone 2 on trains
Bike racks on trains and buses
Better lighting will increase walking and safety
Make better use of trains by spending on engineering, scheduling and logistics so that increased number of trains can run on time
More clearways to give trams a clear run
Traffic lights that always prioritise trams and bikes
Use cars every second day – even registration number use on even days, odd rego numbers on odd days
Trains along middle of freeway
PT run all night and more frequently every 5-10 minutes at the most
More user friendly seating in new trams
Put new train lines in: Wellington Road to Roweville, Doncaster to city, city to airport
Connect big shopping centres into public transport systems better
More regular PT that has good disability access
Cheaper tickets for all students including post grad and masters – they could be income controlled
Trains designed to take bicycles – bicycle racks / clicks / carriages so people can connect cycle and PT
No extra charge for bicycles at peak hours
More bike racks at stations and PT hubs
Create an integrated transport authority ie. remove VicRoads, that caters for the needs of all transport
Bike lanes – dedicated bike lanes on every road in Melbourne
Introduce 30km/hr speed limit across Melbourne
Allowing flexibility at workplaces and schools for transport by cycle and walking
Co-ordinated connections, multi-modal
Run buses on a needs basis rather then to timetable
Public transport matching service with demand
Eliminate empty buses
Web-based system for sharing/ matching transport in private cars
Dedicated safe bike lanes to all major institutions and centres
Bike racks on trams and buses
All new multi-apartment developments have dedicated (sheltered/ lock up) bicycle parking
Country trains to cross the city, so Ballarat or Bendigo train stops at North Melbourne, then Southern Cross then Richmond and/ or South Yarra and further south eg. Oakleigh / Dandenong
New rail lines and tram lines in suburbs, including airport rail link
Take cars out of many CBD streets so that trams and bikes have clear run
Free park and ride services into the city
Free public transport (add up cost of ticketing and policing compared with actual fare figures). Creates different attitude.
Reduce car access
Reduce bus access
Increase good lighting especially in winter
Get rid of druggies, drunks and things to make walking safe – especially in parks
Combine bus and tram stops to get rid of groups (?) and blocking footpaths

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