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Yarra Council Urban Agriculture Advisory Committee: Call for nominations

Posted in Movements, Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on March 6th, 2012

Photo: London Permaculture via flickr CC

[Yarra City] Council is calling for nominations from the community to join a committee that will provide advice on the development, management and promotion of community gardening activities in Yarra. These activities can include plot-divided community gardens, street planter boxes, nature strip gardens and productive trees planted in public spaces.

The Urban Agriculture Advisory Committee (UAAC) will provide advice to Council on urban agriculture policies and further refine the interpretation and application of the Urban Agriculture Guidelines adopted by Council in June 2011. Community members will serve in an advisory and advocacy role to provide input on the options and challenges for urban agriculture activities, feedback on new initiatives/products as they become available and knowledge on trends.

The committee is expected to meet four times a year and is open to anyone interested in promoting the development of community gardening activities in Yarra.  Councillors, Council officers and area experts will also serve on the committee.

Find out more on the Yarra City Council website.

Nominations close March 16th.

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