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Sustainability Roundtable for Industry

Posted in Events, Seeking by jalcorn on September 11th, 2009

There is an opportunity to join a new SIRF Sustainability Roundtable for Industry in Victoria.

You may wish to join if you have an interest in sharing and learning and sustainability. Members present to the group on their areas of expertise, host site visits, share tools and knowledge and participate in common interest working groups on issues of mutual interest.

SIRF (Strategic Industry Research Foundation) Roundtables are shared learning networks for operational excellence, which were initiated in 1994.  SIRF has established Sustainability Roundtables because of the many requests from existing members about the need to focus on business sustainability.

SIRF was originally an initiative of the Victorian State Government but is now self-sustaining through member support. The networks are established throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Each Roundtable collaboratively explores important issues to the members so that each organisation can more rapidly learn successful approaches to common problems.

Contact Judith for further details:

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