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Seeking models – existing zero emissions cities

Posted in Models, Seeking by Ferne Edwards on June 3rd, 2007

“Seeking” is a new category resulting from the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table. Sustainable Melbourne welcomes people to post their requests for resources, research or networks to further their local environmental initiatives. Go to “Contribute a post” at the top of the website to post what you are seeking or please post your response in the “Comment” section below the post. Be sure to regularly check the site to see people’s responses!

I would like examples and expertise on how to get to a zero emissions city. Where the city is existing, not new like Dongtan.
Areas like:
Efficient use of energy
Adaptation to climate change

Carbon sequestration
o “off-sets” NOT geo-sequestration
Renewable energy supply
o Distribution and “feed stock”

Another person is seeking related “Imminent regulatory changes – trends from Europe and Asia that will help us future-proof”.