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Local Harvest Website for Melbourne: Seeking Input

Posted in Models, Movements, Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on August 4th, 2011

Source: Ethical Consumer Group

Image: This Is A Wake Up Call via flickr CC

There is a growing need for easy-to-use information for sourcing food locally.

Local Harvest will be a website resource focusing on food relocalisation and the promotion of alternatives for food production in an urban setting.  This includes a national directory for finding food co-ops, food swap meets, community gardens, farmers markets, box systems, ‘pick your own’ farms, farm-gate products, organic retailers, seed saver networks, free-range meats, and more. Users can find alternative local food sources based on their own locality by placing in a postcode.

A second component will be the promotion and exploration of do-it-yourself alternatives for food production and meeting essential needs, including resources for growing your own food, making your own produce, storing and preserving, low energy living.

We will largely be drawing from the many existing resources, and collating them into one place. This idea is based on the one existing for the USA found at

  • Core objectives of the project are to help people move away from dependence on the supermarket and industrial food system, and support local producers, reduce transport distance and associated energy and carbon impact, and build up connections between urban consumers and rural producers.
  • The target audience is initially city dwellers who are looking to minimise their impact regarding food choices. Ultimately however, it will be a useful resource for everyone who eats and is concerned about making a difference with their everyday purchasing choices.
  • Additional components such as a forum and blog by producers and/ or users may be included to enhance the ‘community’ and resource sharing aspect. A companion to the website resource will be an iPhone and smart-phone app using the same data.
  • Local Harvest will be comprehensive and user-friendly, and an effective tool in encouraging behaviour change in food choices.

Let us know if you’d like to be involved in this project. Here’s some ideas.

  • be part of the organising team
  • help with funding
  • tidying up the content
  • contributing content (resources you know of in your area)

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