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Local Action – Who On Earth Cares

Posted in Seeking by Ferne Edwards on November 14th, 2007

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing Australians today. Its up to all of us – individuals, business and government – to act quickly and ensure we protect this wonderful country for our kids and their kids too.

Who On Earth Cares brings together Australians from all walks of life who want to want to see Australia reduce its spiralling levels of greenhouse pollution and avoid dangerous climate change. Who On Earth Cares shows what we are all doing in our lives to save energy and helps each of us let our politicians know we want leadership and real solutions to this important issue.

Each of us really can make a difference, but together we can do even more. Put yourself on the map today at to show you care about climate change.

Who On Earth Cares is an initiative of the Australian Conservation Foundation. To learn more about us and the solutions to climate change visit

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