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Local Action – Join a Carbon Rationing Action Group to reduce your carbon footprint

Posted in Models, Movements, Seeking by Ferne Edwards on August 7th, 2007

Carbon rationing has been proposed as a way to achieve the deep and rapid cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that we need to make if we are to prevent runaway climate change. On a national scale, carbon rationing would involve determining the overall quota of emissions that Australia should
keep within for a particular year, and then distributing rights to emit in equitable ways among households, businesses and governments.

Carbon Rationing Action Groups (CRAGs) have sprung up in the UK as a way of experimenting with carbon rationing on a more local level. “A CRAG is a group of people who have decided to act together to reduce their individual and collective carbon footprints. They first set themselves an annual emissions target or “carbon ration”. Then they keep track of their emissions over the year by keeping a record of their household energy use and private car and plane travel. Finally, at the end of the year, they take responsibility for any “carbon debt” (i.e. emissions over and above
their ration) that they have built up. All carbon debts are paid into the group’s “carbon fund” at an agreed rate. The fund is then distributed as agreed by the members of the group.” (see for further information)

Friends of the Earth Melbourne is calling for people interested to help set up a CRAG located in Fitzroy, Collingwood or Northcote. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact either Rodney Vlais at
rodney (at), or Cam Walker on 9419 8700.

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