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Green Technologies Manager: CERES

Posted in Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on September 23rd, 2009

Source: Ethical Jobs

Image: Biolytix System via EPA

CERES Community Environment Park is seeking a Green Technologies Manager.

Applications close September 28.

Green technology has been a source of inspiration and wonder at CERES since its earliest years. Its products form the basis for many of the displays and educational programs at CERES. In the early 1980s CERES had an intensive worm-farming and composting program. It had the latest in energy saving designs and technologies in the Low Energy House. It had a water management master plan aimed at collecting and storing water from roads and rooves. And it helped organize the first kerb-side waste collection pilot scheme for Melbourne.

Since those times the breadth of green technologies has continued expanding – embracing renewable energy production (PVs and wind), energy conservation, water harvesting and distribution, waste management and recycling (including composting and worm farming), organic agriculture (including aquaponics in recent times), sustainable building design and construction, and alternative transport (bikes and electric vehicles). Most recently CERES green technology work has focused on solutions to climate change – including exploring solutions in developing countries (in conjunction with CERES Global annual trips to India and Indonesia).

During 2009 CERES has been successful in gaining two major grants which will have a major impact on enabling the introduction of new innovative green technologies to CERES. The grants were from Smart Energy Zones ( State Govt ) and Green Precincts ( Federal Govt ). The Green Technology Manager Position is a pivotal position for co-ordinating, planning, and implementing Green Technology work at CERES. It works collaboratively with the Green Technology Design Position which aims to produce exciting, innovative, best practice, designs which drive CERES programs to remain at the cutting-edge of sustainable solutions. The Green Technology Manager will also work closely with the CERES Site Manager and Team, and CERES Infrastructure Co-ordinator (whose role it is to maintain and monitor new technologies after they are installed and operating).

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