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Posted in Events, Models, Seeking by Ferne Edwards on July 14th, 2008

Please find message below from John at BLEEP ! Blackburn Lake Environmental Education Park,

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your business to help save 5 hectares of some of Australias rarest bushland the “Valley Heathy Forest” and become involved in an exciting “Sustainable Living Centre” project.

Located in the heart of Melbournes suburbs this bushland is a vital part of a fragile lake and river eco-system and offers:
– Teeming Birdlife. Including Powerful Owls, Parrots and Kookaburras
– Over 400 native trees.
– 15 different native grasses.
– Fungi, Lichen & Mosses.
– Native reptiles.

This magnificent bushland contains some existing buildings that will be converted into one of Australias leading, not for profit, community – business based sustainable education centres.

Your businesss “Green Dollars” are urgently required to assist the community with the public acquisition of this endangered bushland before the bulldozers carve it up into a residential development.

This is a rare chance for your business to demonstrate its genuine concern for the environment by re-directing some of your marketing budget in an innovative and environmentally friendly way. Your involvement now may allow you to participate in:-
– Board level management.
– Perpetual naming rights.
– On-Site display of products & services.
– Founding member recognition.

For full details on this sensational leading edge approach to protecting our planets fragile environment contact John on 03 9893 6775 or email bleepnow
More Info –

Thanks from BLEEP ! Blackburn Lake Environmental Education Park


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