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Establishing an Australian Community Recycling Network

Posted in Movements, Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on October 14th, 2010

Source: Social Traders

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As a consequence of attending the 2nd Social Enterprise World Forum in Melbourne organised by Social Ventures Australia and Social Traders, a group of organisations from around Australia who operate Recycling Enterprises decided to form a National Network.  There were people at the World Forum from New Zealand and Scotland who had already formed Community Recycling Networks in their countries. They encouraged us to establish an Australian Network. An interim committee has been formed with a National Day planned for November 19th 2010 in Melbourne.

The interim Committee consists of:

  • Greg Poultney, Convenor, Steps Disability, Queensland
  • Peter Cox, Secretary, FEO, Bendigo
  • Anita Saunders, Member, Finding Workable Solutions, South Australia
  • Rob Dobin, Member, Outlook Environmental, Melbourne
  • Alison Perizi, Member, Renewable Recyclers, Wollongong
  • Susie Bowman, Member, Social Firms Australia
  • Mark Daniels, Member, Social Traders
  • Andy Vagg, Resource Work Cooperative, Hobart

The Committee believes that there is great potential for communities to learn from one another to use waste as a resource to create jobs, reduce waste and as a result strengthen inclusion for all.

As it is a National Network, technology will play an important role in getting information out, but it will be up to the participating groups and individuals to share their experiences and skills.  There are now over 50 Recycling Enterprises throughout Australia, perhaps there are many more. All are experiencing great results. There are many different models of operation. There are no set rules.  The CRNA Committee encourages you to get cracking in your community. Job Seekers and the environment will benefit.

Visit the website to get involved.

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