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Electric Vehicles: Local Manufacturer Seeks Survey Participants

Posted in Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on May 16th, 2011

Image: jurvetson via flickr CC

“Do you think Electric Vehicles the future of our daily lives? Do you have thoughts to share about this important topic? This is your opportunity to participate in a private online forum sponsored by a major vehicle manufacturer about the future role of Electric Vehicles in every day life. Your opinions will directly influence the makers of business decisions within the motoring industry. This is genuine research, not a sales pitch. Click here ( if you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you.”

Background Information from the Market Research Agency:

Latitude Insights is a market research agency who on behalf of a major vehicle manufacturer has been asked to run a short 6 week online community to offer [Sustainable Melbourne] site visitors the chance to have a critical impact in helping to make important business decisions for the manufacturer. We believe that this is a unique opportunity for your visitors to be directly involved in having their opinions and thoughts heard directly by a leading vehicle manufacturer in Australia.

Please be assured that in no way are we trying to sell you or your members anything at all at any stage both in the survey or in the community itself. The client who has commissioned this research is launching an electric vehicle to the market and is requesting feedback from those who would be interested in purchasing such a vehicle to ensure that they are best placed to make this a commercially viable launch. They see the importance that EV’s will have in the future and see this as their first step in ensuring that the public is informed about these cars both now and in the future.

Regarding the image above – as far as I know, Castrol has nothing to do with this survey – I just thought the poster was too good to miss.  KA

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