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Earthwatch Australia – get involved!

Posted in Seeking by EarthwatchAustralia on March 1st, 2011

Earthwatch engages regular citizens in scientific field research alongside scientists to work together for a sustainable planet. As a not-for-profit organization, Earthwatch is committed to conserving the diversity and integrity of life on Earth. The need for further research into species, habitat management, agricultural practices due to climate change and natural resource use is significant in order to understand and manage our environment.

Earthwatch involves matching volunteers from around the world to suitable scientific research projects. They also collaborates with global partners on conservation and management plans, and communicate with scientists about proposed research projects.

Anyone can do their part in preserving our natural environment. Join an expedition today!

Wildlife of the Mongolian Steppe

Explore the lives of unique grassland animals, from lesser kestrels to Siberian ibex, to help conserve their wilderness home

Origins of Ankor

By uncovering Southeast Asia’s past, you’ll learn how agriculture, technology, and changing climates affect civilizations.

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