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Do you know of anyone sharing backyards for food production?

Posted in Events, Seeking by Ferne Edwards on November 21st, 2008

Back in 2007 when Sustainable Melbourne was launched, I posted some information about the “Sharing backyards idea“. I think its a great idea with a lot of potential and was wondering if anyone knows of anyone living in Melbourne who may be practising this? If so, could you please drop me a line in the comment box below or alternatively email me at fedwards I’ve included a brief abstract of the idea below and you can also check out the complete post at “Sharing backyards idea“.

The “Sharing Backyard” idea breaks the barrier to limited urban space for green production by identifying unused backyards and forming partnerships to grant more people access to grow their own food and appreciate urban space. According to Patrick Hayes, benefits of sharing backyards include building social capital, increasing economic wellbeing, boosting physical and psychological health and revitalising cultural health. Read more in Hayes’ article posted below, “The Sharing of Backyards Idea“.