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Climate Communities Grants: Applications Open

Posted in Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on May 11th, 2010

Source: Sustainable Living Space

The Climate Communities grants program is a Victorian Government initiative designed to promote and support local actions to tackle climate change. It provides local groups across Victoria with information, advice and grants of up to $50,000 to take practical action on climate change in their own communities.

The Climate Communities grants program will help to link existing community networks centred around local councils, service clubs, schools and environment groups. It will also encourage and support the establishment of new groups who wish to take environmental action at a local level.

The key objectives are to support local communities to:

* reduce emissions

* build community resilience to adapt to climate change

* trial and/or promote new ideas to help tackle climate change.

The program, managed by Sustainability Victoria, supports communities by providing grants of up to $50,000 for community organisations. The Victorian Government has also appointed Climate Communities facilitators to work with local communities across the state. These facilitators will provide information, advice and assistance with grant applications.

Supporting community-based initiatives

There are many different projects that could be funded under the Climate Communities grants program. For example:

* retrofitting a community hall to reduce energy use and using it as a demonstration to promote energy efficiency

* establishing a shared transport scheme such as a bicycle repair and hire cooperative

* offering community gardening workshops to promote drought-tolerant and edible gardening

* providing training for a community leader or volunteer to support the group to operate more sustainably and share knowledge with other members

* setting up a pilot project to reduce waste at a local sports club and encouraging other clubs to adopt the practice.

Funding is open to community groups committed to tackling climate. Local councils and schools are also welcome to apply if they can demonstrate that they support the community in taking action on climate change. Usually this will be in partnership with a community group.

Other organisations such as businesses can participate in Climate Communities by partnering in a project with an eligible organisation.

For all the details on how to apply, click here.

When do applications close?

There is no closing date for applications. Community groups are invited to put in their applications when they are ready, after talking to one of the Climate Community Facilitators about their project and their application.


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