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Your say – Audience discussion on how can we govern transport better at the Sustainable Cities Round Table, 17 March

Posted in Events, Models, Policies, Research, Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on April 1st, 2008

As part of the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table on Mobility, 17 March, our sponsors, GAMUT – The Australasian Centre for the Governance And Management of Urban Transport led a discussion with four questions about sustainable transport issues for our cities. Please find a list of the audience’s responses below. Please note: That as these questions were handwritten some of the responses were too difficult to read.

DISCUSSION QUESTION 4. How can we govern transport better?
better land planning to strategically reserve land for best future transport use
give governance to people who know about issues rather than those who can market themselves
metropolitan agency which provides a forum for local governments to collaborate and coordinate land-use and transport integration
emphasis needs to be taken away from road funding and put back onto public transport networks
funding targeting
organizations competing against each other
look into best practice round the world to a better balanced system
implement this better balanced system that balances public and private transport needs
each transport provides (public or private) to be compelled to show, as a means of assessing performance, full integration with all other agencies providing transport
greater involvement of academics, researchers, organizations like GAMUT in the decision-making ie. they are part of the governance
implement, scheme of kilometre credits
ration personal kilometres
buy kms on an open regulated market (ie. 100 km per person per week)
reduce conflict between drivers & nondrivers
align goals of various departments like VicRoads & DOI
severly punish high consuming and emitting mode – via carbon tax, access restriction, etc.
investment in the appropriate infrastructure which may mean redesigning train stations
better governance of private operators
better bike lanes
same funding for cyclists as for divers including safety and marketing
restructure transport governance at all levels to best practice systems
review the current governance of roads and infrastructure and look at a state level of integrating VicRoads & DOI
one department to manage all transport opinions and public transport, roads, cycling, waking = rather than VicRoads and DOI currently pushing their own, imbalanced agendas
de-privatising public transport would also likely provide for a better integrated system
one cohesive “public” organization that covers and manages and handles the “future” of PT rather than DOI and VicRoads and minister
study of cities that are successful and efficient PT and follow or better
survey households to identify what PT is needed and where it should go
let the community help plan the system
freight delivers out of hours trams for freight (?)
more tax on oil

'Directing the traffic' by Chris.P

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