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Local action – Water for home grown produce

Posted in Research by Ferne Edwards on May 17th, 2007

According to research conducted by David Holmgren, the CSIRO published co-originator of permaculture, home grown produce can be 10 times more efficient in using water compared to commercial growers (see thus providing a viable and highly beneficial use of town water. By growing your own, Holmgren states that people in the city can save up to 25% of greenhouse gases by eliminating ‘food miles, ie. reducing the use of excess energy in transportation (such as transportation to sorting sheds, markets, supermarkets and homes) and other food production processes, such as machine harvesting and cool storage rooms. In addition, Holmgren advocates for organic home production, which increases biodiversity and  reduces the amount of chemicals in the environment while also reinstating our connection with nature through being outside gardening.

There is currently a petition (see aimed to free up use of town water for community gardening ventures. This petition claims that when (not if) food gets too expensive, the average punter will revert to growing their own food, as per the good old days. Allowing water use in community gardens will ensure a secure food supply in our communities and enhance the progeneration of community gardening where communities can learn to get together again.

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