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The Cities We Need: Report

Posted in Research by Kate Archdeacon on June 30th, 2010

The Grattan Institute has released their report, “The Cities We Need”.  This is the first report from the Cities Program, and aims to set an agenda for thinking about the future of Australia’s cities.

The report asks how our cities meet the individual needs of their residents, both material and psychological, and identifies emerging challenges to meeting these needs. One conclusion that emerges is that while social interaction is critical for human thriving, it has not been a focus of analysis about cities in the past.

The report also describes cities as systems with complex interdependencies. As a result, attempts to meet one need may have unintended consequences for other needs. The governance and management of our cities has not always taken these interdependencies – and resultant trade-offs – into account.

The report does not conclude with solutions or prescriptions, but rather lays out ten questions about our urban future that we must get serious about.

As we manage growth and change in Australian cities, how bold are we prepared to be to get the cities we really need?

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