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Sustainable Living Brochures in Different Languages

Posted in Movements, Research by Kate Archdeacon on August 8th, 2011

Source: Environment Victoria via Mt Alexander Sustainability Group Inc (MASG)

As part of our Sustainability for Diverse Communities Resource Hub, we’ve pulled together some sustainability translations created by other orgs and have added lots of new translations of our own – you’ll find them in green. On this page you’ll find them sorted by language, and we also have a page of translations sorted by topic.

A word of warning! Many of the translations were produced by different organisations for different projects. We have tried to only include information which is widely relevant, so we don’t confuse people. If you find that any of these translations are confusing, or badly translated, please let us know. Also contact us if you have other translations you’d like to add, or if you find a link which is no longer working.

If you would like to widely distribute any of these publications, you’ll need to check with the original publisher on their copyright conditions. You are welcome to distribute the Environment Victoria publications, as long as you acknowledge Environment Victoria. Have fun!

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