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Solar Power: Taking a Long Term View

Posted in Opinion, Research by Kate Archdeacon on November 24th, 2010

Source: Moreland Energy Foundation

Image: sk8geek via flickr CC

Moreland Energy Foundation have published a considered perspective on the solar power debate on their advocacy blog, outlining current criticisms and sensible responses:

“People interested in solar power may have noticed an increase in media attention to solar recently, following the NSW Premier’s decision to dramatically reduce the NSW feed-in-tariff.

Some media reporting has drawn a link between solar and other renewable energy policies (including feed-in-tariffs) and electricity price rises, and some reports have gone so far as to suggest that solar schemes are heading the same way as home insulation. This article attempts to explain the costs, benefits and objectives of solar energy policies, and dispel some of the myths surrounding these policies.”

Read the full article at

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