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Seeking information – Where is food produced within urban Melbourne?

Posted in Events, Research, Seeking by Ferne Edwards on January 15th, 2008

I’m now 2 weeks on in my goal to map where food is produced within urban Melbourne, based at the Victorian Eco-Innovation Laboratory (VEIL), the University of Melbourne. The research is going well – I hadn’t realised how many urban agriculture sites there are! But I’m sure that there are even more out there….!

Does anyone know more specifically about types of fresh, primary food production (ie. not processed) on a scale greater than household production in urban Melbourne (ie. within the Melbourne 2030 urban growth boundary) that is:

Commercial production / market gardens
Gourmet/ niche food production
Street edge gardening – ie. nature strips & street trees?

For each of these categories I am interested in:
Where food is grown (so this can be mapped)
The food type
Possible contact details for further information.

Please send any information you have to fedwards

Thank you!

Ferne Edwards
Sustainable Cities Research Officer
Victorian Eco-Innovation Laboratory (VEIL)
Australian Centre for Science, Innovation and Society (ACSIS)

Old Arts Building
University of Melbourne 3010
T: (03) 8344 3004
F: (03) 9013 2674

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