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Seeking information – Where is food produced within Greater Melbourne?

Posted in Events, Research, Seeking by Ferne Edwards on January 2nd, 2008

I’m currently conducting a research project to map where food is produced within Greater Melbourne, based at the Victorian Eco-Innovation Laboratory (VEIL), the University of Melbourne. I’m interested in all types of food production on a scale greater than household production and would appreciate peoples input to locate what food is grown where.

I have categorized food production in Melbourne in the following way:
Community gardens (including community gardens in environmental/ community centres, public housing estates and school gardens)
Commercial production and market gardens
Food for extended/ household family (includes shared private gardens or production for greater than one household)
Gourmet/ niche food production
Street edge gardening – ie. nature strips & street trees

For each of these categories I am interested in:
Where food is grown (so this can be mapped)
The food type
Possible contact details for further information.

I realize that I may be easily overwhelmed by this information but at this stage of the research I dont mind! Please send any information you have to fedwards

Thank you,

Wishing you a Happy New Year!


Ferne Edwards
Sustainable Cities Research Officer
Victorian Eco-Innovation Laboratory (VEIL)
Australian Centre for Science, Innovation and Society (ACSIS)

Old Arts Building
University of Melbourne 3010
T: (03) 8344 3004
F: (03) 9013 2674

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