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Cargo Bike Tests by Ride On Magazine

Posted in Models, Movements, Research by Kate Archdeacon on July 18th, 2012

Source: Ride On Magazine

Photo by Richard Masoner/Cyclelicious via flickr CC

From “Ditch the car” by Simon Vincett and Jon Miller:

A cargo bike can do most of the errands for which people use a car, but with greater health benefits, less cost and reduced environmental impact. Simon Vincett and Jon Miller tested 14 options available in Australia.

The school run, grocery shopping, weekend sports, BBQ in the park: check, check, check, check – a cargo bike has them all covered. That big box or those capacious panniers can take a huge load – it’s a good thing there are also some strong, low-down gears to get you underway.

The development of these bikes comes to us from those most transport-advanced countries of Denmark and the Netherlands, where for decades families have zipped about and proprietors have conducted their businesses using cargo bikes. Most models on test here come with seats and harnesses for kids and boxes that can be configured for many different commercial purposes. Luggage racks, handbrakes, lights and locks are usually included – not to mention mudguards and chainguards – because these bikes are intended to provide the amenity of a car.

We’re using a general term of ‘cargo bike’ but there are really three main types:

  • Box trike: two wheels in front either side of a big box
  • Box bike: a box behind the front wheel and in front of the rider
  • Long bike: an extended rear rack carries the load behind the rider.
Read the rest of the article by Simon Vincett and Jon Miller to find out more about the different bikes and the way they handle.