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Resource – New book on transport disadvantage and social alienation

Posted in Policies, Research by Ferne Edwards on October 23rd, 2007

No way to go: transport and social disadvantage in Australian communities” by Graham Currie, Janet Stanley and John Stanley has recently been published at Monash University. This book researches the important and often overlooked (by city-siders) issues of transport disadvantage and social exclusion. We speak of public transport and bicycles – but are these options really possible for people living in the outer suburbs?

A brief synopsis from the APO website can be read below. The foreword and introduction are available online and the ebook is available for purchase. Visit

“This book brings together international and Australian researchers to examine links between transport disadvantage and impacts on social exclusion in the Australian context.

A major aim of the book is to explore the issue of transport disadvantage. Unemployment, poor skills, low income, bad housing, old age and poor health have been identified as factors limiting participation of individuals in social and economic life as well as access to transport. It is not the intention of this book to see the adequate provision of transport as the ultimate or only solution to social disadvantage. Rather, the proposed focus is to provide a factual basis for its influence such that the appropriate position of transport as part of the solution might be identified.”

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