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Research – Presentation by Mr Alan Pears, Sustainable Cities Round Table 1 August

Posted in Events, Research, SCRT Videos, Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on August 8th, 2007

Mr Alan Pears, Adjunct Professor, RMIT University & Director, Sustainable Solutions Pty Ltd, spoke about “the carbon neutral revolution – transforming cities” in his presentation at the Sustainable Cities Round Table. Alan has worked in the sustainable energy and environment fields since the late 1970s for community groups, government and the private sector. While working for the Victorian government in the 1980s, he helped develop and implement programs such as the Home Energy Advisory Service, public information and education, appliance energy labeling and mandatory building insulation regulations.

Since 1991, Alan has been co-director of Sustainable Solutions, an environmental consultancy, and has been involved in building energy and environmental rating and regulation, green building projects, educational software, green appliance development, industrial and business energy and environmental management, and policy analysis.

Click here for Alan’s pears-slides-aug-07-roundtable.ppt.