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Freight transport in a carbon constrained economy report

Posted in Research by on August 14th, 2008

The abstract below discusses freight as an important part of the climate change agenda. Please note that this topic is also the speciality of one of the presenters, Elizabeth Boulton from Logistick – Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions, at the upcoming Sustainable Cities Round Table. The abstract below was posted on Australian Policy Online. To refer to the original posting please visit

Freight transport in a carbon constrained economy
National Transport Commission / Rare Consulting
Posted: 28-07-2008

This report discusses the key issues for addressing growing greenhouse gas emissions from freight transport. The report proposes actions for managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from freight transport over the longer term.

The paper has been developed to promote and inform the debate about the future operation of the Australian freight transport sector within a carbon constrained economy by providing:

  • a discussion of the relative contribution of freight transport sector emissions to national greenhouse emissions in Australia;
  • key issues for future strategies for reducing freight transport;
  • the role of governments in climate change policy;
  • the impact of the national emissions trading scheme on the freight transport sector;
  • identification of some of the current and future measures that could be pursued to reduce emissions from freight transport; and
  • a proposed set of actions to develop a national strategy to reduce emissions from the freight sector over the longer term. Feedback from the consultation phase of this discussion paper will be used to help develop this national strategy.

National Transport Commission


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