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Posted in Events, Research by Ferne Edwards on May 17th, 2007

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Corporate attitudes are changing as seen in new book and website on sustainability and innovation in Australia. Australian organisations are making significant inroads in the arena of sustainability, many of these initiatives being introduced in a new book, Australian Innovation: Towards a Sustainable Future. Through well written case-studies, this publication showcases the organisations, industry leaders, researchers and entrepreneurs who are making bold strides in new sustainable initiatives and technologies resulting in long-term environmental, economic and social benefits.

“Sustainability is still an emerging and evolving area of business, but one that is being taken seriously by corporate heavyweights who realise that to ignore it would be: at best, foolish; at worst, disastrous.” says author of the book, Valerie Khoo.

Ultimately, this book is about people – the visionaries who turned ‘Eureka moments into global applications, the failures that preceded success, the struggle to turn ideas into commercial reality.

To complement the book has also been launched. It will be the hub for sustainability and innovation in Australia. It will provide an essential platform for businesses to showcase where they are at and where they are heading in sustainability, offering an online space for corporations, individuals, organisations and government bodies to learn, assess and enhance their sustainability agendas. Taking advantage of new media technologies such as podcasting, videocasting, and more, provides opportunities for businesses and individuals alike to get involved in sustainability on a multitude of levels including sustainaBulletin – an e-weekly newsletter free to registered users.

The book Australian Innovation: Towards a Sustainable Future can be viewed at

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