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Ms Mary Crooks, Victorian Women’s Trust, Sustainable Cities Round Table/ Future Melbourne forum

Posted in Events, Models, Research, SCRT Videos, Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on September 25th, 2007

Ms Mary Crooks, Executive Director, Victorian Womens Trust and Project Manager of the Water Mark Australia project, spoke about her work at the latest Sustainable Cities Round Table/ Future Melbourne forum.

The Watermark project is an exceptional example of a nationwide, community engagement project based around issues of water sustainability. The project began in 2005 and brings together small groups of people to monthly discuss water, sharing their thoughts, anecdotes and ‘folk-wisdom’, to bring it all back to the Watermark Australia team. As stated on the Watermark website:

“What emerges is a shared vision for the future, a program of guiding principles and decisive action on water; people working together like never before, with new information, confidence and agreement to adopt solutions for water on many levels – households, local communities, regions, states, and nationally.”

The resulting document of this project, ‘Water Charter’ was recently published in 2007 which Mary graciously distributed amongst audience members. For more information about the WaterMark Australia project visit Find footage of Mary’s presentation below and her accompanying powerpoint slides.

Mary Crooks powerpoint presentation