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Model – recycled water use presentation by Dr. Grace Mitchell, Monash University, Sustainable Cities Round Table/ Future Melbourne forum

Posted in Events, Models, Research, SCRT Videos, Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on September 25th, 2007

Dr. Grace Mitchell, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Sustainable Water Resources at Monash University spoke about “reusing our urban water resources: from house to city scale” at the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table/ Future Melbourne forum. Her talk introduced yet another important aspect to urban sustainable water use – recycling water and the different degrees of water purity. This diversity of water standards are then applied according to the scale and context of use.

The Institute for Sustainable Water Resources where Dr Mitchell is based, is “a centre of excellence, for research, teaching and postgraduate training, in the sustainable management of water resources, with a focus on urban sustainability. We have a national and international standing, a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach. We will make a significant contribution to the sustainability of urban areas.” To find out more about the Institute’s work, visit

Find footage of Dr Mitchell’s presentation below with her accompanying powerpoint slides.

Dr Mitchells powerpoint presentation