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Local Council Transport Strategies: Open for Comment

Posted in Movements, Research, Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on June 2nd, 2011

Via Victoria Walks

Image: Looking Glass via flickr CC

City of Melbourne, City of Port Phillip and Hume City Council all have transport strategies open for residents’ input – if you live there, make sure you have a say!

City of Melbourne Transport Strategy Update:

Moving People and Freight 2006 – 2020 is the City of Melbourne’s transport strategy.  On 10 May, Council’s Future Melbourne Committee endorsed the draft update.

The five key directions of the draft update are:

  • Improve inner Melbourne’s public transport to allow us to conveniently go anywhere anytime;
  • Manage inner Melbourne’s roads to produce the best transport result;
  • Create pedestrian friendly high-mobility public transport streets for inner Melbourne;
  • Make Melbourne a cycling city;
  • Foster innovative, low-impact freight and delivery in central Melbourne.

Council is now seeking the community’s views on the draft update and will present the results of community consultation with a final draft of the updated strategy to the Future Melbourne Committee in September. Download and read the draft Transport Strategy Update 2011 from the City of Melbourne website

Creating Transport Choices : Hume Integrated Land Use & Transport Strategy

Hume is a municipality that has a convenient, equitable and sustainable transport system that offers a range of transport choices for residents, workers, visitors and businesses. Employment and industry are supported by high quality and direct transport routes that link vibrant activity centres and communities, where housing, jobs and key attractions can be accessed by walking, cycling or public transport.

The Draft Strategy is a response to this vision and covers public transport, walking, cycling, traffic and parking management initiatives in order to provide improved transport options for Hume residents, and reduce car dependence. It aims to create more accessible, liveable and sustainable communities, giving residents full access to jobs, education, and shopping and community facilities by expanding the range of transport choices and modes.

You can view the full strategy or the summary document. Six key themes have emerged each supported by a key objective to help achieve the overall vision. Please visit each of the themes below [on the website] for an overview, and comment on the Strategic Policy Directions.

A City Where You Can Live Car Free? Sustainable Transport in the City of Port Phillip

Council has a vision for Port Phillip to be a connected and liveable city where residents, visitors and workers can live and travel car free by improving the convenience, safety, accessibility and range of sustainable travel choices across our City. Council has developed a suite of new sustainable transport documents focused on achieving this vision. These take the form of a draft Sustainable Transport Strategy, and new draft Walk and Bike Plans. Their development follows community consultation on walking and bike riding in 2010. We are now seeking your feedback on these documents.

  • Sustainable Transport Strategy – provides a unifying vision for sustainable transport and guides decision making in the City of Port Phillip
  • Bike Plan – sets out strategies and actions to improve bike riding in the City of Port Phillip over the timeframe 2011-2020
  • Walk Plan – sets out strategies and actions to improve bike riding in the City of Port Phillip over the timeframe 2011-2020

The strategy and plans will help Council and the community take action on climate change by encouraging the use of sustainable transport modes that minimise energy use. The Walk and Bike Plans also set our aims to enhance liveability by improving our streets and public spaces for walking and cycling. Have Your Say The consultation period for the documents will take place from 21 May to 20 June 2011. During this time there is a range of opportunities to tell us what you think.

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