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Hungry Jacks Dining Room Composting

Posted in Research by Kate Archdeacon on September 14th, 2009

Source: EcoVoice

Hungry Jacks Trial

Hungry Jack’s, a long term supporter of Keep Australia Beautiful ran a week-long trial of dining room composting and co-mingled recycling in its Fulham metropolitan restaurant during KAB Week.

The trial, which is an Australian first, will provide a benchmark study for the Australian fast food industry on ways to divert organic food and other compostable waste from landfill. It will also demonstrate the level of consumer awareness about co-mingled recycling, in terms of avoiding contamination, which could also provide further insight into current kerbside recycling practices and knowledge.

According to Keep Australia Beautiful Week Campaign Director, Lara Shannon, “Nationally over a third of the waste households throw away is organic food and green waste, which could have instead been avoided or composted, rather than sent to landfill where it produces greenhouse gases.

“Food waste also represents over 25%*** of the total commercial/industrial waste stream, making it the highest contributor to landfill for this sector, so this Australian-first initiative may provide us with some insights on how to tackle this issue at a wider level.

“It also enables people to dispose of waste responsibly outside the home and in an environment where it has not been possible before.

“It is commendable whenever a commercial business takes on the big challenge of changing their infrastructure and practices in the interest of the environment. It involves the buy-in of many people – from management, staff and suppliers right through to the customers who ultimately will be making the choice of how they dispose of their waste”, Shannon added.

Source: EcoVoice