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Growing Food in Pots: SGA article

Posted in Models, Research by Kate Archdeacon on November 11th, 2011

Source: cuttings, the Sustainable Gardening Australia(SGA) newsletter

Photo by David_Turner via flickr CC

From “Produce in Pots” by Helen Tuton:

Plants in pots… it’s hardly a new or revolutionary concept… I mean, we are all well acquainted with the potted Maidenhair fern in the bathroom, a dusty ‘Parlour Palm’ struggling for life in the corner of the office, or the ubiquitous ‘Peace Lily’ given as a gift when we can’t think of anything better. But what about productive plants in pots? Imagine a ‘movable feast’ in your inner city courtyard, providing a fair whack of the food you love to eat? A bounty of beautiful herbs out by the BBQ, or tonnes of tumbling tomatoes at your townhouse? Just about anyone has room for a few pots at their place, and we reckon you will be amazed by just how much produce you can grow in just about any space!

Gone to Pot – Getting Started

Planting a productive potted plot is no different to getting going in a garden – it’s all about planning, position, potting mix, patience and productivity. […]

Read the full article by Helen Tuton for the SGA.

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