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Event – Call for Papers – Ecological Sustainability through Community Development

Posted in Events, Models, Research by Ferne Edwards on September 4th, 2007

Community Development and Ecology: Engaging ecological sustainability through community development

A three day conference to be held in Melbourne, 26,27,28 March 2008
At a time when there is a growing concern about changing environmental conditions and the effect on communities, a conference of this nature is timely. Community Development can provide alternate pathways through new theoretical paradigms and creative responses about how we view our place on this fragile planet.

There will be two streams to the conference, academic papers and community workshops and forums – these streams will run concurrently.

Academic papers:
The academic section of the conference will explore the contemporary contexts of community development, including conceptual and theoretical advances and social, cultural, political and economic settings. Papers should canvass the need for radically shifting paradigms in the context of the tipping point of contemporary society. This includes theoretical, strategic and community approaches to climate change and other contemporary environmental issues.

We welcome submission of ‘Abstracts (word length 200 – 300 words) focused on the conference topic Ecology and Community Development within the themes below, and submitted by 31 October to aok (all academic abstracts and papers will be blind peer refereed for possible publication)

Workshops will provide an opportunity for exchange of theories, ideas and actions relating to the themes below. If you wish to present at and/or facilitate a workshop, please email an expression of interest to aok by 31 October stating your interest/workshop topic and a brief description.

Community Development & Housing: cooperative, rural and metropolitan, community activism for energy efficiency, community gardens
Community Development & Urban Renewal: changing/greening cities, restoring neighbourliness, green transport
Community Development & Food Sovereignty/Relocalisation: food and resource production (carbon neutral communities / restoring local/cooperative activities and local economies and water issues)
Community Development & Rural /Regional Issues: carbon offset actions/reafforestation, bioregional action, green corridors, forest action, land care, water action, critiques and efficiency
Community Development & Globalisation: developing countries and climate change issues; rapidly developing economies, energy demands and the impact of climate change upon the poorest countries; climate change refugees, water issues, fair (and green) trade issues
Community Development: Responding to disasters: effective community development responses to natural and socio/ political disaster. Ensuring sustainable international aid programs. What can community development offer?
Community Development and Building Social Movements: networking across differences, making local/global links eg. zero emissions, aid development and carbon emissions, emerging climate change action groups

For more information visit:

'Community Gardens' by Daquella manera

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