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Does your organisation have a culture of sustainability?

Posted in Models, Research by timc on June 28th, 2011

Awake has recently developed the Sustainability Culture Indicator (SCI), an online survey tool designed to help organisations and groups evaluate the extent to which critical enablers of sustainability exist in their culture.

The information provided by the SCI allows the organisation to

  • Identify the features of the organisation which are supporting, and hindering, the development of sustainability as a core aspect of the culture
  • Ensure the design of activities and actions to promote sustainability are targeted to the areas of greatest need
  • Set a baseline against which to track the impact of future efforts to embed sustainability

The factors measured in the SCI are derived from academic and organisational research, as well as being developed and refined through surveys conducted by Awake in several organisations and communities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

More information, including a sample report and brochure are available at the SCI webpage


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