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DIY Sustainable Garden Design with SGA

Posted in Movements, Research by Kate Archdeacon on August 19th, 2010

Source: cuttings, the Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA) newsletter

The Sustainable Garden Design Series aims to help gardeners design or redesign (build or rebuild) their gardens as sustainable landscapes. Each month we will take you through the steps necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for all your hard work!

Autumn is a good time to make changes to your garden in southern Australia – especially after the first rains, as the soil is still warm and the plants will have an opportunity to get established before the next dry season. So now is a good time to start thinking about it and to prepare a plan.

The Principles of Sustainable Landscape Design:

1. minimise the requirement for energy inputs.
2. minimise the requirements for high water inputs, above that which naturally occurs in the particular region.
3. maximise opportunities for biodiversity at all levels.
4. maximise vegetative biomass.
5. maximise the opportunity for the growth of produce and other useful materials.
6. minimise the risk of weed-escapees moving into native habitats.
7. minimise or eliminate the use of materials that disrupt, destroy, pollute or damage natural systems/communities where they are sourced.
8. minimise the risk of disruption, pollution or interference to other systems.

Part 1 – Getting Started
Part 2 – Your Needs, Wants and Budget
Part 3 – Drawing up the Design
Part 4 – Choosing Plants
Part 5 – The Soft Landscape
Part 6 – The Hard Landscape
Part 7 – Water Gardens

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