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Metropolitan Strategies in Australia Research Paper

Posted in Research by Devin Maeztri on September 22nd, 2008

You might find the following research paper from the CITYFUTURES Research Centre useful for your own research!

The CITYFUTURES Research Centre has just released Metropolitan Strategies in Australia, City Futures Research Paper No 9, by Dr Raymond Bunker.

The Research Paper brings together four papers written to review metropolitan strategies in Australia released over the last six years for the state capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, South East Queensland (Greater Brisbane), Adelaide and Perth. The four papers do not form a unified whole with a common template, rather they mark an evolution in discussion from Sydney to all the other strategies. More importantly they show an extension in the ambit of the discussion. The first three papers review strategies in their own terms. The last paper presents a more radical view about how metropolitan strategies might evolve to shape the spatial outcomes of – and influences on – the policies needed to address the crucial issues and challenges facing Australias cities and regions.

The papers in chronological order of their publication, are:

  1. Progress and Prospect with ‘City of Cities: a Plan for Sydneys Future City Futures Research Centre, Issues Paper No.4, April 2007. This is a reconstructed and updated revision of an article published under the title ‘How far and in what ways is Sydneys new metropolitan strategy likely to be implemented? in Australian Planner for March 2007, Vol. 44 No. 1, pp. 26-33.
  2. Seeking Certainty: recent planning for Sydney and Melbourne (with Glen Searle), Town Planning Review, Vol. 78 No.5, pp. 619-642.
  3. A Plenitude, Plethora or Plague of Plans: state strategic plans, metropolitan strategies and infrastructure plans? A paper presented to the 3rd State of Australian Cities Conference, Adelaide, 28-30 November 2007. This paper has been selected, with other SOAC papers to be reproduced in a special issue of Built Environment.
  4. A Cosmopolitan Democracy: the repositioning of recent metropolitan strategies in Australia. Previously unpublished.

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