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Seeking a Sustainable Cities Authority

Posted in Movements, Policies, Seeking by Ferne Edwards on September 6th, 2007

By guest author, Stephen Ingrouille, Principal, Going Solar, Reproduced with permission from Transport Newsletter #28, 4 September 2007.

Sustainable Cities Authority
Here are extracts from a letter from the Federal Environment Minister, Malcolm Turnbull in response to the proposal to establish a Sustainable Cities Authority or Commission. We are grateful to the Member for Flinders, Greg Hunt, for facilitating the approach to the Minister.

“Mr Ingrouilles proposal recognises the complex issues of urban sustainability that the Australian Government, in collaboration with all jurisdictions, is strongly committed to addressing …. Recommendation 3 of the [House of Representatives] Inquiry Report referred specifically to the establishment of a Sustainability Commission. That recommendation, together with a recommendation to establish an Australian Sustainability Charter is currently being considered …. I understand that the Committee aims to table the Inquiry Report in the Spring 2007 Sittings of Parliament …. The Government is close to finalising its response to the Inquiry Report. The response will identify work the Government is undertaking or planning in relation to the Inquirys recommendations and will take into account the increasing and relevant national program of work on urban sustainability agreed to by the Council of Australian Governments. I am pleased to say that the response shows considerable progress in key areas such as water, climate change, energy and transport, which I note mirror the key points detailed in Mr Ingrouilles proposal.”

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