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Peak Oil Policy and Action Plan: Maribyrnong Council

Posted in Policies by Kate Archdeacon on October 19th, 2009

Source: Going Solar Transport Newsletter


Maribyrnong City Council has released a Peak Oil Contingency Plan that spells out the threats and shifts required by Council to achieve the same level of community service provision in times of reduced oil availability and subsequent escalated prices.  The Plan, prepared by the Institute for Sensible Transport, provides recommendations for boosting resilience to oil depletion, which include:

  • Introduce car pooling software, boost work from home options and encourage sustainable transport use and video conferencing facilities
  • Create opportunities for urban food production
  • Boost the proportion of Council budget dedicated to sustainable transport
  • Advocate to State and Federal Governments for improved public transport
  • Reduce demand for oil consumption across Council service areas.

Read more on the Council website.

Source: Going Solar Transport Newsletter

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