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Jobs for the Future Economy

Posted in Policies by Kate Archdeacon on May 12th, 2010

Source: Sustainable Living Space

Jobs Future Economy – Victoria’s Action Plan for Green Jobs sets out actions across Government to secure jobs in a low carbon economy. These actions support jobs growth and will improve environmental outcomes. They are designed to build resilience in our economy, maximise investment, facilitate regional development, and encourage businesses, families and communities to reduce their energy and water consumption.  This Action Plan outlines what we can do right now to facilitate green investment and secure jobs for the long-term. It provides incentives to accelerate innovation and the uptake of green technologies, and signals how we will build the green skills needed in our workforce – providing our children with skills for the new economy.

The 18 priority actions outlined in Jobs Future Economy – Victoria’s Action Plan for Green Jobs concentrate on five key themes:

Securing More Jobs in Construction: Actions to promote high standards of design and construction in commercial buildings and new homes will deliver energy and water efficiency savings and support jobs in the construction industry and trades.

Securing More Jobs in Energy: Support for the development and uptake of renewable energy – such as through streamlined development processes to encourage private sector investment and the creation of solar hubs across Victoria – will reduce our carbon emissions and secure new jobs in green industries.

Developing Sustainability Skills: Green skills are needed not only in green industries, but also in industries such as construction and trade services which utilise or install green technologies. Actions will support training in sustainability-related skills for tradespeople and will identify and address green skills and training needs across industries.

Driving Low Emissions Industry Growth: The growth of green industries across Victoria will be supported by removing barriers to investment, fostering new markets such as carbon market services, boosting jobs in resource recovery and recycling, and introducing smarter regulation so that business can achieve environmental objectives with lower compliance costs.

Promoting Innovation: New research and industry science projects and investment in electric vehicle trials will stimulate the development of low-emissions innovations and technologies, creating new jobs.

Fact Sheets: A number of fact sheets have been developed for Jobs Future Economy – Victoria’s Action Plan for Green Jobs.

Read about this or download the PDF.

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