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Event – The Challenge of Global Warming and Peak Oil for Local Government

Posted in Events, Policies by Ferne Edwards on June 6th, 2007

The issue of Peak Oil is now well-known with its various consequences affecting health, community, food sources, urban planning and many other aspects. The Conference below held by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), targets the implications for the Local Government sector.

Global warming and peak oil represent two of the most significant challenges in the history of humanity. While the ongoing expansion in the scale of human activity accounts for both of these phenomena, and there is now rapidly growing public awareness of the urgency of these issues, the identification of an agreed ‘way forward is still to be resolved.

A natural blanket of gases in the atmosphere traps heat and keeps the Earth’s temperature stable. The ‘enhanced’ greenhouse effect refers to the additional, unnatural (global) warming caused by extra quantities of ‘greenhouse gases’, including carbon dioxide and methane, generated by human activities. Principal sources of emissions include energy usage, transport, waste and land clearing.

The broader scientific community now accepts that increasing levels of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere have the potential to induce adverse long-term changes to the environment. Global warming may have such a large effect on rainfall, drought, and rising sea levels that will cause widespread economic, social and environmental changes.

Federal and State Governments are currently assessing policy responses for global warming, and some individual councils are breaking new ground in both the policy and practical areas, but the local government sector as a whole has not identified how it can effectively contribute to a state or national framework, as part of a ‘whole of government or ‘whole of community response to try and save the planet. In the past, challenges of this magnitude have only ever been faced in times of war.

The Challenge of Global Warming and Peak Oil Conference is specifically directed at the role of local government and will include:

1 Keynote speakers from Australia and overseas
2 Best practice case studies from local councils that are ‘leading the way
3 The opportunity to ‘have your say from the floor;
4 The identification of national strategic directions for LG to address these challenges: an inclusive process in which you can help shape the outcomes.

For more information and to download the Conference Program and Registration Form, visit the MAV website.

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