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Sustainable Shoppers Guide to Rainwater Tanks

Posted in Opinion by Kate Archdeacon on June 4th, 2010

Source: cuttings, the Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA) newsletter

From Cuttings, May 2010:

As summer becomes a distant memory and the weather begins to cool, many of us have been privy to an unusual phenomenon… rain! With all the wet stuff about, and some governments altering their water restrictions, we do tend to forget about water conservation and rain water harvesting… but, let me assure you, this is the time to think about it, not just in the warmer months! In fact, autumn and winter are excellent times to seriously consider installing rainwater tanks. If you have a rainwater tank in place now, think of all the H2O you’ll have ready to go come spring … it’s kind of like a ‘layby lifeline’ for your patch!

But with the huge range of tanks out there, heading out to buy a tank can be incredibly daunting. Luckily, SGA have come to the rescue, and have put together a ‘Sustainable Shoppers Guide’ to help you make the right rainwater decision for your place. So here is a swag of information on a number of commonly used, currently available rainwater tanks and their features, be they good, bad and ugly. Bear in mind that new products are released all the time, so, if the tank you are interested in ain’t on the list, just let us know, or pop on the forum and have a yarn!

Oh, and remember, with all tanks, it is recommended that you get a licensed plumber to install your tanks… it’s the only way to claim any Government rebates on the purchase price of your water holding wonder!

Go to “Tanks A Lot – The Sustainable Shoppers Guide to Rainwater Tanks” to see the results.

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