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Proposed changes to the Renewable Energy Target: Advocacy update

Posted in Opinion by Kate Archdeacon on April 9th, 2010

Source: Zero Carbon Moreland

Image: richardmasoner via flickr CC

The Federal Government has recently announced proposed changes to the national Renewable Energy Target (RET). Those changes are aiming to provide more support to Australia’s fledgling wind energy industry and also address issues with the existing Solar Credits Scheme. MEFL has expressed concerns with the current Solar Credits Scheme, and therefore we welcome these proposed changes.

The proposal removes small-scale renewable energy, such as roof-top solar electricity and solar hot water, from the main RET. Instead all small renewables will become part of the Small Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). For homeowners, the SRES provides greater certainty as well as ensuring that your investment in renewable energy is additional to the national target, which is a very good thing! For more information on the changes, visit MEFL’s Advocacy Blog.

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