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Update: Solar Mates Bulk Purchasing

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on September 7th, 2009

SolarMates have modified their support network in response to the government’s withdrawal of the solar purchasing rebate.

Microsoft Word - Solar Mates.doc

It’s still possible to get a great group discount, but it is primarily for the people who have already registered or have received government pre-approval for the rebate. The previous version of Solar Mates invited people to join so that we could help them to apply for the rebate. Of course, that is too late to do so now.

There will be quite a few people who have applied for the rebate but will find it difficult to find someone to supply and install within the 9 month deadline the government gives for the rebate.

For those who were not eligible or missed out on the rebate, nothing is definite with prices until the government decides how much they will per system with the new solar credits scheme.  Things are looking up after the government decision to separate the carbon from the solar credits bill!

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