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Smart Garden Watering: Online Calculator

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on June 29th, 2009

Source: Melbourne School of Land and Environment, Newsletter #16

Permie water garden
Image: nicolas.boullosa via Flickr

Smart Garden Watering gives all Melbourne and Geelong gardeners the capacity to make informed decisions on achieving a water efficient garden. The program determines the amount of water required for each zone or section of the garden. The postcode of the garden is used identify local climate and also identify native soil type. The program uses the Burnley Plant Directory to provide comprehensive drought tolerance, water use, flower colour information, as well an image for each plant. The algorithms and data sets required for the water calculator model were developed at Burnley. Trials were conducted on mulch, wetting agents, irrigation systems and irrigation control devices as part of the project.

The SmartGardenWatering website, developed by Department of Resource Management and Geography, in conjunction with the Department of Information Systems, University of Melbourne, is the product of a 3 year project funded by the Smart Water Fund.

Source: Melbourne School of Land and Environment, Newsletter #16

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