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Seeking for Climate Project Connectors

Posted in Movements by Devin Maeztri on November 4th, 2008

Australian Conservation Foundation needs you to become a Climate Project Connector!
To apply to be a Climate Project Connector visit Connect Me!

The Climate Project has produced a new documentary called Telling the Truth which follows seven Climate Project presenters, personally trained by Al Gore, as they take his message to spark change in their own communities across the country, from Arnhem Land to Canberra.

As one of a select group of Connectors, we’re asking you to screen Telling The Truth and use it to make projects happen in your community. (To be telling the complete truth, we’re actually asking you to screen it three times: we have some huge goals to achieve in a very short period of time.)

Our aim is to screen the documentary 1000 times by December 1 2008, when the signatory countries to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change sit down in Poznan, Poland to begin discussions around what the next Kyoto Protocol will look like.

Eventually, we want to have 1209 live Connector projects up and running by 12/09 (December next year) when the world’s leaders will meet in Copenhagen to draw up the plans for a post-Kyoto world.

By demonstrating our willingness to act, our politicians and business leaders will have less room for procrastination. It’s a big task, but we know you’re up to it.

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