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No Junk Mail Campaign: Waste Reduction & Fundraising

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on July 2nd, 2010

Source: EcoVoice

Keep Australia Beautiful has partnered with Eco Voice to encourage all Australians to read their catalogues online to reduce waste and litter.  Figures on how catalogues impact on the environment are scary:

* There are around 8 billion catalogues delivered around Australia each year.
* Junk mail makes up 6% of all paper used in Australia, equating to 240,000 tonnes of paper per year.
* One tonne of catalogue pages uses 90,000 litres of water to produce.
* We could fill 8,640 Olympic swimming pools with the water used to produce a year’s worth of catalogues.

(Source: Robert Wong, CEO of Catalogue Central)

Seeking Help

Keep Australia Beautiful needs help to get “No Junk Mail – I read my Catalogues Online at Eco Voice” stickers on as many letterboxes across Australia as possible.  Eco Voice  will soon have bundles of stickers available for schools & community groups to use as fundraisers to spread the word and make revenue (perhaps) for their other sustainability programs.  So get your school or community group involved today. By getting involved, you will be helping the environment by:

* Reducing the junk mail litter that ends up on our streets
* Saving water and paper used in printing the catalogues
* Raising funds for your school or group eco project and
* Raising funds for Keep Australia Beautiful

Keep Australia Beautiful Week kicks off on Monday 23 August.

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