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Green Action: Stories, Inspiration

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on January 7th, 2011

From Environment Victoria:
What is Green Action?

Green Action is a bold new movement to mobilise every single person in Victoria (all 5 million of us) to become actively involved in safeguarding our environment.  It’s about each one of us taking actions to help the environment in our own special way. Actions that are meaningful to us as individuals—and remarkably powerful when they are multiplied by 5 million.

What will Green Action do?

As Kermit says, it’s not always easy being green. People are busy and taking actions for a greener future is not always at the top of the ‘to do’ list. Green Action makes it easier for people to take action to safeguard Victoria’s environment.  Everyone who signs up to Green Action will receive a Green Action of the month. The Green Action of the Month will be different each month and will be focused on either actions you can take to green up your life, like buying smarter products that use less energy, or actions you can take to change the system like writing to your local MP about making critical changes in the way we govern our state.

Why 5 million?

Let’s face it. Safeguarding the environment has been on the front pages for a while. It’s one of the biggest issues we face. Scientists can’t solve it alone. Neither can individuals. Or even a bunch of hard working environmentalists. It’s going to take all of us. Sure, getting everyone to join together on Green Action won’t be easy. But 5 million people can get our representatives hopping. Get businesses bending over backwards to make green profitable and productive. Get the whole country to pay attention. Maybe even the world.

What will be the impact?

The hardest part about doing something good for the environment is that the results aren’t always immediately visible. But if everybody gets in on Green Action, before long, we’ll start to feel the cumulative effects of our actions. And we’ll start to see the incredible results of those actions in the environment around us too.  Just imagine the impact if 5 million people in the same month ask their financial institution about their sustainability credentials or wrote to their MP about climate change. Imagine if 5 million people went to their local Bunnings hardware store in the same month and ordered a worm farm or bought energy saving lights.

When 5 million people do something, it gets noticed.

Check out the Green Action Stories posted by some of the people who have joined the Green Action Movement.  The stories cover wide range of actions – people doing what they can wherever they are – and show that Green Action is possible in all kinds of ways. -KA

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