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Friends With Things: Sharing Skills, Stuff, Time

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on March 11th, 2011

Image © Friends With Things

Friends With Things is a Sydney-based initiative looking to start up here in Melbourne.  Get in touch with them if you’re interested in being involved.

Friends with Things is a place where you can borrow things from, or share things with your neighbours, for free.  Need a power drill? Have a BBQ that you can let a neighbour borrow? This is the place.  More than just sharing tools and things, you’re also free to share your time, skills and expertise. Or where you can share, buy or sell locally made things – check out the ‘local market’ at Friends Who Make Things.

Friends with Things is not just about sharing resources, it’s a small way we can all help bring back that sense of ‘neighbourhood’ that’s often missing from apartment and city living – and a nice way to make friends with your neighbours.  So if there’s something you need to borrow, have a look around, find what you need and introduce yourself, it’s that simple. Or, if you’ve got things you can share with your neighbours, or make or grow something you’d like to share, let us know – just post straight into the ‘comments’ box, it’s that simple.

Friends with Things leads with the idea of sharing, but it’s really about sharing everything, from household things, to expertise, to rides to work and local knowledge and other things, like connecting local producers, craftspeople and artist to each other and their local community – it’s about more than just sharing objects. Ravi, Friends With Things Founder