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FOE Campaign: Emissions Reductions Target

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on December 29th, 2009

Source: Friends of the Earth Melbourne

Image: greenpeace finland via flickr CC

Dear friends,

We have an urgent action alert about Australia’s emissions reduction targets, which it must lodge by 1 FEBRUARY.  We need to flood the PM’s office with messages between now and mid January – PLEASE take action, and please pass this on to your networks.  If you are happy to do the action, please check here:

For the full story, please read on….

As we know, the Copenhagen talks ended without agreement to set binding emissions reduction targets.

Instead, all that could be managed was a voluntary agreement, which was ‘noted’ rather than formally adopted.

If it is eventually enacted, it will fail to:

· ensure deep enough emissions cuts to stop global temperatures exceeding 2 degrees Celsius,

· offer enough money to help developing countries tackle dangerous climate change.

The very existence of the Copenhagen accord will also make a strong, fair, and legally-binding agreement more difficult to achieve in the coming years.

Australia was one of the countries that lobbied for the Accord. The accord will list the voluntary emissions reduction targets by developed and developing countries, in Annexes to the main document. Countries are asked to provide their target by February 1, 2010.

This is why we have issued this alert.

We still have time to pressure the Australian government to atone for its destructive behaviour at Copenhagen, by demanding it commit to deep emissions reductions targets in its February commitment.


* send the letter below to the PM and Climate Change minister – as soon as you can,

* please cc the leader of the Coalition, Tony Abbott, so we can make it clear that most Australians do not support his views on climate change,

* circulate this alert to your friends and work mates and ask them to do the same,

* call the PM’s office, asking him to adopt these targets,

* please write to your local papers on this issue: you can check the list of them at the end of this alert,

* tell us how you go and what feedback you get – either through cc’ing messages to us at or via our facebook page.

There is a detailed analysis of the Copenhagen talks and further information on how to take action available here.

It is imperative that we don’t give up hope. The world needs a global agreement to reign in greenhouse pollution, while providing funding for all nations to develop and adapt. We cannot let our government off the hook!


Actually calling the PM’s office will have a much greater impact than sending an email.

To contact Kevin Rudd’s office, call:

02 6277 7700

You can use the letter below to outline your concerns. When you call, just explain that you want to leave a message for the PM, someone will take a note.

You can also post your letter:

The Hon Kevin Rudd MP

Prime Minister

Parliament House



You can also email these leaders of island nations to give them your support and let them know you are calling on Australia to do the right thing:

· Prime Minister of Tuvalu, Mr Apisai Ielemia, who can be reached via his personal secretary:

· Prime Minister of Grenada, Mr Tillman Thomas:

· President Nasheed of the Maldives:

· President Anote Tong of Kiribati:

· Premier of Niue, Toke Talagi, can be reached via Secretaty to Government, Richarde Hipa at

Best wishes for the summer and 2010, and thanks for taking action,

Friends of the Earth

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