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Employees’ Project Saves 2 Million Litres

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on August 21st, 2009

Source: Smart Water Fund

Nestle Water Tanks

Nestle Pakenham’s Smart Water Fund project has saved nearly two million litres of water in just six months, thanks to a team of environmentally minded employees. Two years ago, the Pakenham factory switched to mains water leaving two large water treatment tanks unused. The Pakenham Water Wise team, which is open to every factory employee, came up with the idea of using the 5,500 square metre factory roof for rainwater harvesting. The group recognised the 1.2 million litre capacity water tanks would be ideal for storing the rainwater.

“Recycled water cannot be used in food processing for hygiene reasons, so the challenge for the Water Wise team was to devise an innovative use for the rainwater collected,” says project manager Graham Ellils. The rainwater is used to supplement mains water for factory’s cooling towers, which are used for freezing ready-made meals and consume 11 million litres of water a year. The project also included the development of a HACCP plan for rainwater re-use in cooling towers. The project captured 1.765 million litres of water in six months last year during a period of below average rainfall, and during a non-drought year has the potential to capture and save up to five million litres of water.

Source: Smart Water Fund

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